Mike Isley | Texans for Israel

I want to give credit to a man who has been more than a friend to our Texas group for Americans for a Safe Israel. His name is Mike Isley, President of Texans for Israel. Mike and his partners (Texas for Israel) have done much to strengthen Israel. I cannot tell you the help and encouragement he has given me. So many of the people I know today are the result of having a friendship with Mike Isley.

I am including a link for “Who We Are” from their website so you can meet the principals as well as see the wonderful work they do.

Mike and his partners have also created an internet TV site: ISRAELTVNETWORK.TV.

This is a wonderful way to see the LAND OF ISRAEL. My favorite channel is Col. John Sommerville’s. John, who has also been guest and speaker in our home. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are a lover of THE HISTORY CHANNEL…you will love these videos about certain of our Presidents… the most unlikely characters in the world to have become President.…no one thought they would ever be President of the United States…yet…in the Providence of God they became President and they were pivotal in supporting the State of Israel.

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