Jodi Anderson & Battalion of Deborah

Since April of 2014 Jodie Anderson, Battalion of Deborah, has worked tirelessly with me to create joint events for Battalion of Deborah and Americans for a Safe Israel.

Jodi first went to Israel with a church group in the early 90’s. She was back the next year with 4 more women.They just rented a car and took to the road…all roads..political lines made her no difference. From those humble beginnings Jodi and Keith created THE BATTALION OF DEBORAH and to date have led 30 Israeli trips.

Keith and Jodi have been honored by the Knesset, spoken at the Knesset, made friends with many elected officials, as well as officers in the IDF and, for lack of a better word, the common people of Israel who they see as the real heroes and heroines of The Land. Their help has been specifically targeted toward the fledgling communities of Judea and Samaria. They made friends where ever they go…Christians with no agenda but to encourage and give strength to the brave pioneers of the Bible Land. This is the lessons they teach on their tours. I have to add that they never left the IDF out. Her tours would always include army bases…sometimes putting on IDF uniforms…cleaning toilets…painting walls…cleaning tanks or equipment…but always…always with encouragement and love to the soldiers…”we love you and you are important to us!”.

As Americans for A Safe Israel representative in Texas…I was a late comer. Jodi and Keith tilled the soil for a “SAFE ISRAEL”…A “WHOLE ISRAE”L for a good 15 years before I was ever involved in hosting events. Let me say this…she has been a rock, an anchor, a sounding board for me…a GREAT ENCOURAGER…few understand the sensitive issues of bringing Jewish people to speak to Christian groups. Here in North Texas things have changed drastically this past decade……..but that change is really due to one woman…and her relentless love of the Land of Israel and The Jewish People….Jodie Anderson, my sister and friend in a common calling

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