Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel | Israel Inspired

Last August, 2017 we were delighted to host Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel and two of his young sons, Levee and Akiva. Jeremy and his good friend, Rabbi Ari Abramowitz , IDF commander and soldier, became a team years ago when they hosted TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE IN JERUSALEM. Today they produce ISRAEL INSPIRED RADIO AND TV. You can also find them at the LAND OF ISRAEL.COM.

Jeremy Gimpel is an educator, politician and presenter of “Israel Inspired,” a podcast that has had 12 million views on YouTube. He is also the Deputy Director of the World Mizrachi Movement.

There is so much to say, and there is an abundance of material on the Internet. but

PLEASE WATCH THE SHORT FILM ABOUT THEM….entitled ASCEND THE MOUNTAIN WITH ARI AND JEREMY…link below. This was produced by award winning director, David Kiern (who has also been a guest of Texans for a Safe Israel here in Granbury…

Click Here

There is a short 5 min. video about the Center…ELECTRIFYING A HILL IN JUDEA – A BUILDING MANDATE.

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