David Wilder | Hebron’s Spokesperson

I could write a book entitled, HOW DAVID WILDER CHANGED MY LIFE. It is because of him that there is a Texans for a Safe Israel. It is because of David and Ora’s (his wife) friendship that I now have many friends in the Orthodox Communities….in Israel, America, and especially, Texas. After being on multiple AFSI trips to Hebron, acquiring a certain amount of trust from my Jewish AFSI friends, one of them suggested to David that I might be able to help on his upcoming trip to Texas.

As I look back at that first attempt to host a true pioneer, a real life hero, a resident from the 2nd Most Holy City to the Jews, the English Spokesperson for the Community of Hebron for 22 years, and when Hebron or the Hebron Hills were involved, he was the “go to man” for every network in the world! Oh my, that first trip..could be summed up…”it was the best of times and it was the worst of times” for both of us! I felt so very, very inadequate.

But, he stuck with me and I stuck with him. Today my family is part of David and Ora Wilder’s family…and their family is our family….This is what I want for every lover of Israel and the Jewish people ….to develop a friendship with no agenda except to be the best friend that person could ever have…to celebrate life together!

PLEASE GO TO HIS WEBSITE …DAVIDWILDER.ORG…there is a wealth of information that would take days to consume.

Hebron’s history is more than fascinating. This is the location of the Cave of Machpelah (Genesis 23), and all the Patriarchs are buried here, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebekah, and Leah, Ruth and Jessie are buried close by. When David did not know where to go G-d told him to go to Hebron. It then became Israel’s first Capital. David walked these streets, he had children here…he reigned as King for seven and a half years from there. So very much to say…but no trip to Israel should ever be made that did not include a visit to Hebron (just 30 miles down the road from Jerusalem). David is now retired, but he still leads tours. INSIST THAT YOUR NEXT TOUR TO ISRAEL INCLUDE A VISIT TO HEBRON…and THAT DAVID WILDER IS YOUR TOUR GUIDE!

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