Chavat Gilad | The Shomron

Shana Tova from Chavat Gilad!

Before winter arrives…and the rain starts pattering on the windows…
We are looking for 5 donors to contribute $10,000 each…Or 10 donors to contribute $5,000…So that we can urgently pave the roads in the community.

  1. We would like to repair the entrance road to the community that was badly damaged last winter.
  2. We need to pave the road next to the daycare center, so that the residents can bring their children safely.
  3. We need to pave the roads that lead to the remote sections of the community so that residents can reach their homes.

Attached are photos and 2 price quotes, if any money is left, we will also pave the road that leads to the women’s mikveh.

With love for the land of Israel and its residents. With love and appreciation for the friends of Chavat Gilad all over the world.
Feel free to ask me any questions. Dedication opportunities are available.
May you be blessed!
Ilana Shimon