Avi Lipkin & Victor Mordecai

Avi Lipkin is loved by many in the North Texas area. I was introduced to Avi through our mutual good friend, Jodi Anderson, founder of Battalion of Deborah. You never have to worry about a crowd when Avi is the speaker. He has worked for years to see Christian Israelis represented by a party in the Knesset. It is finally making it to the Israeli Ballot in the next election. If it passes…Avi will be the Daddy of the Bible-Bloc Party. We love him on a personal level. Our kids love him. He has personally mentored one of children…and now that son knows more about the Koran than any Muslim I have met. Avi is one of the most informed and intelligent people I have ever met and it is more than an honor to host him!

This is a 5 minute clip from Avi Lipkin about 10 years ago. It makes no difference, Avi has beat the same drum for 20+ years and today we are seeing the reality of what he
has preached for decades.

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