David Wilder | Hebron’s Spokesperson

I could write a book entitled, HOW DAVID WILDER CHANGED MY LIFE. It is because of him that there is a Texans for a Safe Israel. It is because of David and Ora’s (his wife) friendship that I now have many friends in the Orthodox Communities….in Israel, America, and especially, Texas. After being on multiple AFSI trips to Hebron, acquiring a certain amount of trust from my Jewish AFSI friends, one of them suggested to David that I might be able to help on his upcoming trip to Texas.

As I look back at that first attempt to host a true pioneer, a real life hero, a resident from the 2nd Most Holy City to the Jews, the English Spokesperson for the Community of Hebron for 22 years, and when Hebron or the Hebron Hills were involved, he was the “go to man” for every network in the world! Oh my, that first trip..could be summed up…”it was the best of times and it was the worst of times” for both of us! I felt so very, very inadequate.

But, he stuck with me and I stuck with him. Today my family is part of David and Ora Wilder’s family…and their family is our family….This is what I want for every lover of Israel and the Jewish people ….to develop a friendship with no agenda except to be the best friend that person could ever have…to celebrate life together!

PLEASE GO TO HIS WEBSITE …DAVIDWILDER.ORG…there is a wealth of information that would take days to consume.

Hebron’s history is more than fascinating. This is the location of the Cave of Machpelah (Genesis 23), and all the Patriarchs are buried here, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebekah, and Leah, Ruth and Jessie are buried close by. When David did not know where to go G-d told him to go to Hebron. It then became Israel’s first Capital. David walked these streets, he had children here…he reigned as King for seven and a half years from there. So very much to say…but no trip to Israel should ever be made that did not include a visit to Hebron (just 30 miles down the road from Jerusalem). David is now retired, but he still leads tours. INSIST THAT YOUR NEXT TOUR TO ISRAEL INCLUDE A VISIT TO HEBRON…and THAT DAVID WILDER IS YOUR TOUR GUIDE!

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel | Israel Inspired

Last August, 2017 we were delighted to host Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel and two of his young sons, Levee and Akiva. Jeremy and his good friend, Rabbi Ari Abramowitz , IDF commander and soldier, became a team years ago when they hosted TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE IN JERUSALEM. Today they produce ISRAEL INSPIRED RADIO AND TV. You can also find them at the LAND OF ISRAEL.COM.

Jeremy Gimpel is an educator, politician and presenter of “Israel Inspired,” a podcast that has had 12 million views on YouTube. He is also the Deputy Director of the World Mizrachi Movement.

There is so much to say, and there is an abundance of material on the Internet. but

PLEASE WATCH THE SHORT FILM ABOUT THEM….entitled ASCEND THE MOUNTAIN WITH ARI AND JEREMY…link below. This was produced by award winning director, David Kiern (who has also been a guest of Texans for a Safe Israel here in Granbury…

Click Here

There is a short 5 min. video about the Center…ELECTRIFYING A HILL IN JUDEA – A BUILDING MANDATE.

Mike Isley | Texans for Israel

I want to give credit to a man who has been more than a friend to our Texas group for Americans for a Safe Israel. His name is Mike Isley, President of Texans for Israel. Mike and his partners (Texas for Israel) have done much to strengthen Israel. I cannot tell you the help and encouragement he has given me. So many of the people I know today are the result of having a friendship with Mike Isley.

I am including a link for “Who We Are” from their website so you can meet the principals as well as see the wonderful work they do.

Mike and his partners have also created an internet TV site: ISRAELTVNETWORK.TV.

This is a wonderful way to see the LAND OF ISRAEL. My favorite channel is Col. John Sommerville’s. John, who has also been guest and speaker in our home. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are a lover of THE HISTORY CHANNEL…you will love these videos about certain of our Presidents… the most unlikely characters in the world to have become President.…no one thought they would ever be President of the United States…yet…in the Providence of God they became President and they were pivotal in supporting the State of Israel.

Jodi Anderson & Battalion of Deborah

Since April of 2014 Jodie Anderson, Battalion of Deborah, has worked tirelessly with me to create joint events for Battalion of Deborah and Americans for a Safe Israel.

Jodi first went to Israel with a church group in the early 90’s. She was back the next year with 4 more women.They just rented a car and took to the road…all roads..political lines made her no difference. From those humble beginnings Jodi and Keith created THE BATTALION OF DEBORAH and to date have led 30 Israeli trips.

Keith and Jodi have been honored by the Knesset, spoken at the Knesset, made friends with many elected officials, as well as officers in the IDF and, for lack of a better word, the common people of Israel who they see as the real heroes and heroines of The Land. Their help has been specifically targeted toward the fledgling communities of Judea and Samaria. They made friends where ever they go…Christians with no agenda but to encourage and give strength to the brave pioneers of the Bible Land. This is the lessons they teach on their tours. I have to add that they never left the IDF out. Her tours would always include army bases…sometimes putting on IDF uniforms…cleaning toilets…painting walls…cleaning tanks or equipment…but always…always with encouragement and love to the soldiers…”we love you and you are important to us!”.

As Americans for A Safe Israel representative in Texas…I was a late comer. Jodi and Keith tilled the soil for a “SAFE ISRAEL”…A “WHOLE ISRAE”L for a good 15 years before I was ever involved in hosting events. Let me say this…she has been a rock, an anchor, a sounding board for me…a GREAT ENCOURAGER…few understand the sensitive issues of bringing Jewish people to speak to Christian groups. Here in North Texas things have changed drastically this past decade……..but that change is really due to one woman…and her relentless love of the Land of Israel and The Jewish People….Jodie Anderson, my sister and friend in a common calling

David Kiern & I AM ISRAEL Film

David Kiern is a master director and cinematographer. Visit davidkiern.com to see his work. In May 2017 he brought the film, I AM ISRAEL, to Granbury before the Premier in Nashville, Tennessee. Granbury is much a retirement community. It is so refreshing for us to see young people, doing such great things…so much potential! David is one that we will someday say…”David Kiern slept here”!

I know him through Israel…and I am also giving you the link to a great interview with Gordon Robertson, 700 Club, and the Trailer to I AM Israel.

Avi Lipkin & Victor Mordecai

Avi Lipkin is loved by many in the North Texas area. I was introduced to Avi through our mutual good friend, Jodi Anderson, founder of Battalion of Deborah. You never have to worry about a crowd when Avi is the speaker. He has worked for years to see Christian Israelis represented by a party in the Knesset. It is finally making it to the Israeli Ballot in the next election. If it passes…Avi will be the Daddy of the Bible-Bloc Party. We love him on a personal level. Our kids love him. He has personally mentored one of children…and now that son knows more about the Koran than any Muslim I have met. Avi is one of the most informed and intelligent people I have ever met and it is more than an honor to host him!

This is a 5 minute clip from Avi Lipkin about 10 years ago. It makes no difference, Avi has beat the same drum for 20+ years and today we are seeing the reality of what he
has preached for decades.

Bill Koening

BILL Koening has been a speaker and a guest in our home. His travels take him to the highest levels of world government leaders. It was a great honor to host him as he is a much sought after speaker. You will find numerous Youtube interviews with Bill.

We would encourage you to go to his website watch.org and sign up for his World Watch Daily, a 365-day, year round new service, with “front lines” information from the White House relevant to Israel and its role in the unfolding global drama.

Bill’s current books are:

Today, very few people fully understand the extensive consequences of President Obama’s two terms in office. Life as we know it in America will never be the same.

Eye to Eye is Bill Koenig’s 576 page ‘expanded’ in depth study of the consequences to those who attempt to divide God’s covenant land from the Perfect Storm to Hurricane Harvey.

Rabbi Richard Green

Rabbi Richard Green is more than a guest, my husband and I count him as a family member. We leave the light on and tell him to lock the door when he gets home.

When I first met him he was in the process of finishing the final touches to FAITH-KEEPERS, a movie by THE CLARION PROJECT.

Two Orthodox Jewish you men, Rabbi Richard being one of them. I once asked him how he found himself in this struggle against ISIS. He said, “perhaps because of what my people had been through … someone has to speak up against the genocide of Christians in the Middle East”.. It is a riveting movie of the horrors going on …entire villages…gone. Unfortunately, horrors beyond description going on today.

If you are not signed up for THE CLARION PROJECT, I encourage you to do it now. It is a no nonsense…bare bones approach to what is actually happening on a daily basis in the Radical Islamic World.

Other award winning films are: The Third Jihad, Honor Diaries, Iranium, Obsession, Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

AFSI visit with Helen Freedman and Judy Kadish


Americans for a Safe Israel is an educational Zionist organization. AFSI was founded by Herb Zweibon in 1970, as an American counterpart to the Land of Israel Movement, AFSI’s platform promulgates Israel’s historical, religious and legal rights to the territories won in the 1967 war and has consistently argues that a strong territorially defensible Israel is essential to U.S. security interests in the region and that “land for peace” is a delusional policy. Herb passed away in 2011.

Helen Freedman – Co-Executive Director

Helen became Executive Director of Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI in 1995. She continues as AFSI’s Co-Executive Director, along with Judy Freedman Kadish. Helen serves as a spokeswoman for the organization at innumerable meetings, press conferences, radio, and TV interviews. Helen assists in planning and leading the semi-annual AFSI Chizuk missions to Israel which have been conducted for the past 22 years. She also assists in planning and participating in programs and demonstrations related to a safe Israel – and America.

Judy Freedman Kadish- Co- Executive Director

Judy has been working with Americans For a Safe Israel since 2012. She began as Director of Special Projects and now shares the Executive Director role with Helen. She has planned and executed many AFSI meetings, represented AFSI at numerous functions and has been interviewed by various press outlets in her capacity as AFSI Co-Executive Director.

During her years at AFSI, Judy has become familiar with all of the organization’s Israeli contacts their American counterparts and has developed great cooperative efforts with them. Together, she and Helen plan and execute AFSI’s Chizuk missions and co-lead the trips.

I was told by a famous Holocaust Survivor, Irving Roth (author of Bondi’s Brother) “there is no trip like an AFSI trip, you will learn more than you could ever imagine”. I would agree. There is a core group of people that go each time…some once a year and others when they can. I try to go every chance I get…it is never the same.

It is a great blessing to represent this group in Texas. This link is for an event held at Generations Church, Granbury.

Christine and Peter Darg July 2017

Christine and Peter Darg were with us last July, 2017. They have lived and worked in Israel since the mid 70’s, in fact they were the FIRST Middle Eastern Correspondents from any network to live in Israel and broadcast from there. They held that position for Pat Robertson’s, 700 Club.

Christine is an, award winning journalist, and was in Israel when the freed hostages returned from the Raid on Entebbe, Uganda. She had the honor of interviewing some of them.

Christine is well known for her unprecedented work with Arabs as well as building
bridges with the Jewish People, and proclaiming to the Christian World the Miracle of Israel. This year she received the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for Tourism and Contributions to Israel from the Christian Allies Caucus and the World Jewish Congress. You can find her weekly on her Internet TV Channel…THE JERUSALEM CHANNEL.