Moshe Bar Zvi

On a very icy day, February 28, 2015 we were honored to have two speakers, Moshe Bar Zvi and Steve Wilhite, Executive Vice President of DayStar Christian TV.

Steve introduced Moshe Bar Zvi as Daystar hosts a weekly program from Israel called, ISRAEL NOW NEWS. Daystar has also sown millions of dollars into various areas in Israel…such as the IDF…and establishment of a Holocaust Survivor Home in Tiberias.

Moshe Bar Zvi was a tank commander in the Lebanese War, later the CEO of Levi Strauss, Israel, as well as CEO of Motorola, Israel. In 2006 he became the President and CEO of the Jerusalem Post. There he launched the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition. This publication was successful in strengthening ties between Christians and Jews worldwide.

It looked as if no one would come that bleak Saturday morning, but
by 1:00 PM ….we had a houseful. We had people try to come from Oklahoma City…only to find part of Interstate 35 closed. Another came from Round Rock, Texas…deep in the Hill Country. An amazing day…none of us will ever forget it. I think part of what brought them there is this little 30 minute video I sent with the invitation. I encourage you to watch it!

Blessings on Moshe Bar Zvi and Steve Wilhite for making this day a great success!

Ann and John Stacy