Marc Provisor

Marc Provisor
Security Project Director One Israel Fund

Marc Provisor is a friend who visited us in March 2017. He heads up Security for One Israel Fund. Their mission is to build a safe and secure Judea and Samaria for those brave pioneers.
Against all odds …rough terrain, threats of losing their land and homes, and the terror inflicted by the cowards who would try to deny them the Promises of God…these communities, to the extent that it is possible, lead  their lives in happiness, peace and normalcy. 
Marc’s organization is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and assistance to these fledgling communities. As each group of trailers changes to homes, and  then  school buildings, community centers, synagogues, play grounds and day care are erected…hope springs forth for the future in the Biblical Heartland of Israel.
They work in concert with the Israeli government officials and the IDF to fill in the gaps in medical, social and preventive security services..all of these are conspicuously lacking in Judea and Samaria. They have been very generous in security equipment to our friends in Itamar. Many of you have met the former Mayor and his wife at our home, Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith.
Tens of millions of dollars have been invested by One Israel Fund…projects such as surveillance cameras and emergency lighting systems, communication gear, medical equipment, bulletproof ambulances, vans and vest and EMT facilities that spell the difference between life and death. 
Marc Provisor  is a man you should consider having him speak to your community. As with all our guests, we welcome their return!
One more thing! An interesting aspect of ONE ISRAEL FUND…is their day trips from Jerusalem.  I would highly recommend one of these trips. It is like a 1 day AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL trip! This is one day like none other!  You will be recommending it to your friends.
Ann and John